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We just add those separate in case we release a quick fix, so that you only need to download that folder. I’ve looked them all up, some teams are just not using this Armband in real life, like Atletico, it’s realistic like that. Some teams doesn’t have the Respect Armband! A: If you play a Kickoff match with LiveUpdate on, created teams are back to default. Patch needs to be updated to 4.1 with all Fixes, otherwise a lot of stuff will not work. FA Cup kits for all English Teams and Community Shield kits (added in 3.0) An alternate only Konami licensed Version which should bascially be possible to use with every patch or no patch and only includes original licensed teams (IF the patch hasn’t messed around with the Konami teams) Manual Selection of selected CompKits including Overlay Previews especially for Exhibition (added in 3.0) Automatic selection of league-mode CompKits in exhibition mode if both teams belong to the same league (if you want to add league specific kits – not included) – Common Library 1.1 required (added in 3.0) I strongly recommend to use this with the PTE Patch, the Addon is dedicated to this Patch.

You still can use the alternate Konami version with every other Patch or no Patch. Q: Can I use LiveUpdate with it? You can add your favourite faces yourself to the Faces folder. You can add more if you want. A: No, Sider is way more powerful, is online compatible and you won’t experience DpFileList Mismatches. HD images of Coaches for 7 FULL leagues Official Sponsors for England, Spain and Portugal First Division teams. 70 Kits added for the English First Division. Kits editados de la Ligue 1 al 100% incluyendo arqueros. Actualización de scoreboards y se añadieron nuevas alternativas para las diferentes competiciones, tales como: Uefa champions League, Uefa Europa League, Libertadores, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Liga Argentina, Liga 1 Betsson, Liga MX, Liga Chilena, camisetas de futbol baratas Además de marcadores de Exhibición. Además de todos los equipos que participan en los grandes torneos de clubes: Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores.

Comprar Camiseta Atlético De Madrid Primera Equipación Stadium 2022-2023 Barata precio más barato y envío rápido y de los mejores equipos y selecciones del mundo de Hombre,Mujer y Niños. Credits to lobosemillas, angeltorero & AerialEdson for kits All kits, correct player & manager names, stadium info, for all Seguna Division kits! All kits, correct player & manager names, stadium info, for all NATIONAL TEAMS! Official kits, emblem, stadium names, rivalries for Inter, Milan & Brescia. This is new option file for T99 Patch. This is a Competition Kit Server (Sider Module) to be able to have specific kits/fonts for every competition automatically switched. Credits to lobosemillas, antog25 & peshub for kits All legends in the two classic teams! Kits actualizados a la temporada 2021/2022 Transferencias actualizadas a la temporada 2021/2022 Actualizadas las selecciones nacionales Añadidos el parche Legendas de Junior Mantis. Camiseta de Fútbol Lionel Leo Messi 10 Barcelona Barça Home Temporada 2018-2019 Replica Oficial con Licencia – Todos Los Tamaños NIÑO y Adulto. Compatible con el Datapack 4.01 Actualizados los kits a la temporada 2020/2021 Actualizados los traspasos a la temporada 2020/2021 Este option file ha sido creado por JeanPes. Credits to @lobosemillas and tikkio for kits.

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