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Primera Equipación Ajax de Ámsterdam 2022/2023 Personalización con nombre y número gratis. Fue fundado en 1900 y juega en la primera división de la Eredivisie, categoría que ocupa desde los primeros años de la competición. Última actualización aplicada: 27/05/2021. Movidos todos los 21/22 equipos ascendidos y descendidos a todas las competiciones con 2ª División. Servidor de insignias de mangas que contiene insignias para todas las competiciones de Alemania, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Escocia, España, Francia, Inglaterra, Italia, México, Perú y Rusia. Brazil, Colombia, Chile, China, Bolivia, Qatar (home kit) & Zambia National Teams: NEW ftex kits also. Updated asian, african, north & south american National Teams squads, lineups & formations. Updated Bundesliga lineups & formations. Updated Liga MX squads, equipacion ajax 2023 lineups & formations. Fluid formations for major National Teams & almost full clubs teams of the game. Added Portugal national team Kits badges: EURO 2016 champion. Fix M.OVERMARS Pozuelo goes to Genk and Raskin to Standard Liege Fix shirt name Rudy Added Troy Parrott (young talent) to Tottenham, Billy Gilmour (young talent) to Chelsea Update Algeria champion Africa Cup, squads,faces and miniface. Full KONAMI Datapack 6.0 compatibility & latest Live Update.

Compatibility with DLC 8.0, LiveUpdate 23/07/20 & EvoWeb patch 8.0 Kits. Compatible with DLC 7.0. Badges EURO 2020 activated/created (better quality & reposition). Chilean league Kits season 2020. Added classic @Hawke kits, pending on V2. Classic faces: @MinchoSheen; stels, @MictlanTheGod; @Amir.Hsn7; @Dnai & @Hawke. I. UGBO (Chelsea) , D. JASTRZEMBSKI (hertha), D. SMARSCH (hertha), L. COCCOLO (juventus) a New Facepack 2 , with latest released faces, around 350 faces ( important use it to show algerian players correctly) New classic players faces Pelé,Eusebio,Van Basten by Stels added. Campeonato AFP PlanVital (chilean league): 2 new teams added (Deportes La Serena & Santiago Wanderers) with ftex kits, fonts. J1 League season 2020, NEW ftex kits, fonts, rosters updated and NEW STRUCTURE SEASON 2020 in AFC Champions League (with Vissel Kobe, Yokohama F-Marinos, FC Tokyo). 26 new teams (ID Konami) in Other Latin Americans to complete Copa Libertadores 2020 with updated rosters & formations, accurate loan’s info, ftex kits, fonts & player appearances. Updated rosters Brasileirão Série A & B (season 2020). Added more over 200 players. Updated coach names & minifaces for all clubs & National Teams.. Brasileirão A & B updated kits 2020, along with many other kits from other leagues.

EURO 2020 teams with ftex kits (many several alternate kits). Hawke, @Cesc Fabregas and much more for the permission to use or adapt their work (we dont’ know as many names, but we are grateful). Renamed New Master League european & Latin America youth players names, according to common surnames to each country. Including real EUROPEAN CLASSICS team and AMERICAN CLASSICS team / New kits for classic teams. Added new faces & tattoos (more over 2400 in total). Added new player minifaces (more over 11500 in total). Added bootpack pack & assignment to clubs/national teams (special thanks to @Hoppus117). National Anthems for all teams enabled (requires anthem pack by @predator002). EvoWeb Patch 6.5 KITS friendly (some National Team textures & classic club kits). Added some missed brazilian players transfers. Fixed some nationalities players & coachs. Added some youth players. Fixed some duplicates players from Other Latin Americans teams. Included all content from V1.0 to 2.5 (check out content below, spoilers section). 1. Copy and overwrite the DB ICritMyPants.cpk downloaded by the one you had in the download folder, from your game directory. 1024 to get less space of your imported image limitation.